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Wild August 2023 Holidays

The month August is kind of seen as the last hurrah of warm weather. August is widely considered the end of summer, as families squeeze in last-minute vacations and beach trips before their kiddos prepare to go back to the classroom for a new school year. But did you know that there are a ton of wacky, weird and wild days to celebrate in August?

August 2023 holidays and observances honor everything from waffles and chocolate chip cookies to left-handers and dolls, lighthouses and best friends. We go through each day of the month to make sure you don't miss a thing!

There are even some religious holidays that take place during the eighth month of the year. And the weeks that make up August have special significance as well, such as National Motorcycle Week (August 7-13), Be Kind to Humankind Week (August 25-31), and more. Not to mention, August as a whole is a month filled with awareness—like National Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Month, Pedestrian Safety Month and more.

Keep on reading to find out what is celebrated during the month of August!

What Major Holidays Are in August?

There are no major federal holidays celebrated during the month of August.

Are There Religious Holidays in August?

During the month of August, there are a handful of religious holidays. The month starts off with Lughnasa (or Lughnasadah) on August 1—a Gaelic festival celebrating the beginning of the harvest season. Lughnasa is celebrated throughout Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. It has pagan roots and is still celebrated in Pagan and Wiccan communities today. Closely connected to Lughnasa is Lammas Day, or Loaf Mass Day, also observed on August 1—a Christian holiday celebrating the new wheat crop, it was traditional to bring a loaf of bread made from the grains of the first crops to church to be blessed.

One Jewish holiday also falls during the month of August: Tu B’av. It's a more minor—but very joyful—Jewish holiday and falls on August 1 in 2023. Considered to be a holiday of love, Tu B’av is the Jewish equivalent of Valentine’s Day, and a day of many romantic celebrations like weddings and proposals.

There aren't a ton of Hindu or Muslim holidays in August. But one that does fall during this month is the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan, celebrating the unique bond between a brother and his sister, also on August 30.

There is also an important Christian holiday in August: The Assumption of Mary, or the Feast of the Assumption. Celebrated in 2023 on August 15, the holy day commemorates the belief that after the Virgin Mary died, her body ascended into Heaven where she was reunited with Jesus Christ. In addition to honoring the Blessed Mother in church, different cultures celebrate the feast with varying traditions, like blessing the summer harvest, having colorful parades or festivals, or fireworks. BY JILL GLEESON

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