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Jan. 9: National Word Nerd Day

SO THAT'S WHY WE CALL THAT THAT [Reprint from Reader's Digest September 2022]

In 1997 two smarty-pants, needing a name for their new data-index website, came up with "g00gol", which is the number one followed by a hundred seroes. Perfect! But as they typed Googol into a domain-naame search engine, they committed a critical typo. And the mistake stuck. Don't believe us? Google it!......

Meanwhile here are the stories behind other name brands......

TRISCUIT........ELECTRICITY BISCUITS. Triscuit is short for "electricity biscuit" because the first ones were proudly produced with hydroelectric power.

ADIDAS*ADI DASSLER ,........... Adidas is an abbreviation of "Adi Dissler", one of two feuding Dassler brothers from Germany who funded rival shoe empires after World War II

[Adi's brother is Rudi founded PUMA]...

NIKE*VICTORY...NIKE was named for the Greek goddess of victory. Allegedly, the shoe company's famous "swoosh" logo represents the fleet-footed godess's wings.

LEGO*PLAY WELL...Lego is a contraction of the Danish phase leg godt, meaning "play well".

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