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Sat., Sept. 24, @ 12pm

Alex Martin

Sidewalk Science Center: Creating Educational Experiences in Public Spaces

When was the last time you conducted a science experiment? Have you looked at Jupiter or Saturn through a telescope recently? Have you held a gyroscope as it defies gravity, or conducted electricity through a chain of people at the playground? When you visit a Sidewalk Science Center, you get to participate in all of that and more. Sidewalk Science Center takes education out of the classroom and puts it where people gather: at playgrounds, beaches, outdoor malls, waterside parks, and any number of other public spaces. In this lecture, Alex Martin tells the story of what led him to create the Sidewalk Science Center program, the opportunities it's brought and places it's taken him and others along the way, and the program's future outlook. Afterward, join him for a presentation of Sidewalk Science Center and join the tens-of-thousands of people who have stumbled across SSC in their own parks, towns, and cities.

Alex Martin is a high school physics teacher and the author of seven science-fiction books, with an eighth due out in October 2024. He graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with an English degree and several years of physics and mathematics, and took grad courses in Orbital Mechanics & Space Law and Policy before moving to Savannah, Georgia in late 2017. While living in Savannah, he entered the education field as a children's museum educator, and has remained in education ever since. In July 2018, Martin created Sidewalk Science Center right beside Savannah's picturesque Forsyth Park Fountain. He currently lives in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, and regularly hosts Sidewalk Science Center in Bradenton and Sarasota.

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