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Sulphur Springs Hotel and Apartments (Arcade)

Once a bustling microcosm adorning Nebraska Avenue; Sulphur Springs Hotel and Apartments was a lively ‘one stop shop’ for all your needs. This plaza arcade, established in 1926, boasted a variety of amenities including: 39 hotel rooms, 14 apartments and office spaces, a church, and an unknown quantity of shops and businesses. The structure was originally owned by Josiah T. Richardson -a wealthy landowner- and was later sold to J.F. Hendrick in the late 1920’s. This arcade featured beautiful Classical design on the first and second level of the building. Not only was the inside gorgeous, its location situated near the “miraculous” mineral waters contributed to the social culture and visitor

demographics. Additionally, the Sulphur Springs Hotel and Apartments were considered to be the first indoor shopping venue in the state.

Upon J.F. Hendricks death, his 5 grandchildren inherited the property. The arcade held a ‘kitschy’ image, which they were determined to change. Although the arcade attracted numerous customers, the grandchildren were extremely eager to make the arcade a lucrative center. In order to achieve this, they refused to renew leases of original shops; they believed newer shops would attract new crowds, thus generating more income.

The Sulphur Springs Hotel and Apartment complex was later sold to the Tampa Greyhound Track in 1974; however, the hotel and shops continued to operate until 1975. The arcade was demolished in 1976 and the acres of land were acquired by the City

This image features the 1926 - 1976 Sulphur Springs Hotel and Apartments.

Downstairs: Arcade (modern day mall or plaza)

Upstairs: Rooms and Offices

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