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# Did you know that the month of December originally had just 30 days according to the early Roman calendar? December was one of the original months in the ancient Roman calendar, which was in use from around 750 BC until 45 BC. In this original Roman calendar, December was actually the tenth month. This placement actually makes a lot more sense for December, as this month’s name translates into “tenth month”. When Julius Caesar changed the calendar in 45 BC to the Julian calendar he added two months, January and February, which were inserted at the beginning of the calendar year. These changes have forever cursed December to be a month with the wrong name.

#A second name that the Anglo-Saxons had for December was “Yule Monath”, which relates to the custom of burning a Yule log during this month, as a part of the pagan Yule celebrations. While many of the Yule practices have been lost over time, some of them such as burning a Yule log are still celebrated in various parts of the world today.

Written by: Shash Wighton

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