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"Destination Moon" has landed!

Our next exhibition As NASA prepares for the next saga of space travel with their ongoing Artemis mission, we are going to journey back in time to one of the most momentous occasions in modern history - the Apollo 11 Mission. Featuring posters from both the Smithsonian and NASA, here's a sneak peek of what will be on display at the Sulphur Springs Museum from September 8 to September 24:

Destination Moon: Posters from the Smithsonian

This series of posters from the Smithsonian examines the mission and recognizes the sacrifices and devotion of more than 400,000 people employed in NASA programs who worked through the trials, tragedies, and triumphs of the 20 missions from 1961 to 1969 before Apollo 11.

Visions of the Future: Posters from NASA

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to travel through space and visit different planets? A creative team from NASA painted the image for you through a series of posters titled "Visions of the Future." What is waiting for us on Venus? What can we do on Jupiter? Find out in this series of captivating posters.

Tektites: Special Rocks from Meteorites

What exactly are these rocks that have got scientists arguing about where they came from? Are they from the moon? An asteroid? Or are they terrestrial? Come and examine these tektites from our collection and learn a bit more about the other rocks we have on display.

The Mid-Autumn Festival and other fun facts about the Moon

Did you know about the major holiday involving the moon that is happening next week? Or how about some of the black astronauts that paved their way through history with their space exploration? Come examine the original panels made for this exhibit involving facts about and related to the moon that you may not know about.Don't miss this chance to learn more about our shining companion in the night sky. And be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram Stories to view a special countdown to the exhibit along with more fun facts about the moon!

Thank You to our Community Partners and Funders!

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